Rooms with shower, bath, toilet and TV in a peaceful setting.

The hotel at Villa Augustus is located in the former water tower in Dordrecht. There are 37 rooms: 20 in the water tower and 17 garden rooms. Almost all of the rooms have a breathtaking view. The rooms on the northwest side of the water tower look out over the Wantij river and you can also see sections of the major rivers. The rooms on the other side of the tower offer a view across the vegetable garden. From the garden rooms, you can just step outside. They have their own patio looking out over the Italian garden or with a view of the vegetable beds.

  • Water tower room Water tower room
  • Reservoir room Reservoir room
  • Attic room Attic room
  • Garden room Garden room
  • Floating room Floating room
  • Lantern room Lantern room
  • Il Giardino Segreto Il Giardino Segreto

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No two rooms in the hotel are the same. They all have their own atmosphere and colour, and their own unique furniture and fittings. They have been designed by Dorine de Vos, and have a natural mix of styles, so that you have the feeling that you are staying in someone’s house. Original, historical materials have been used in the building. The panelling in the corridors and the headboards, for example, are made from the original doors of the water tower. And the typical iron floor of the water reservoir can still be seen in the rooms on the fifth floor.
Although each room is different, the focal point is always a good bed with top quality bed linen selected with the greatest of care. All rooms have their own bathroom and toilet.

Two of the rooms are extra special:

The Lantern Room, at the top of the tower, and Il Giardino Segreto, in the secret garden.

the different types of room

All rooms are doubles (for two persons), except the family rooms, which are for four (a maximum of two adults and two children under 12). The prices below are per room, per night, excluding breakfast. We serve a buffet breakfast in the restaurant every morning. The price of the breakfast is €15.00 per person.

Water tower room

The Water Tower Rooms

These are light, spacious rooms with high windows: rooms with a view. Here, above the engine rooms, was where the water company’s engineers lived. The rooms are all accessible by lift.

  • €135
  • €155
Reservoir room

The Water Reservoir Rooms

The Dordrecht Water Tower was the first with a flat-bottomed iron reservoir and is the last one remaining in the Netherlands. Eight rooms have been created in the former water reservoir.

The floor of four of the rooms is on the original flat iron bottom of the reservoir. If you stay in these rooms, you are in the most authentic part of the tower – this is where the water used to be! The bathrooms of these four rooms are one floor below, in what used to be the leak trap for the reservoir. They can all be reached by a staircase. These rooms are not suitable for people who have difficulty walking.

  • €135
  • €155
Attic room

The Attic Rooms

Four rooms have been built on the first floor of the old boiler room, which have the feel of attic rooms with dormer windows. The rooms can only be reached using the stairs and are therefore not suitable for people who have difficulty walking.

  • €125
Garden room

The Garden Rooms

There are eight garden rooms on the ground floor of the former boiler house. From these rooms, you can step straight into the garden.

  • €125
  • €135

There are five more rooms in the garden. One is the room in Il Giardino Segreto, but more of that later. Three of these rooms can also be used as family rooms. Two adults and two children under 12 can sleep on the large double bunk bed. You can go through the back door and step from your own veranda onto a grass field with fig and quince trees. And in good weather, you have sun the whole afternoon!

  • €155
Floating room

The Floating Rooms

Immediately next to Villa Augustus, in the Wantij river, there is a very special floating office, dating from 1903. For more than a century, it was used by towing companies in the Port of Rotterdam. We have now fitted it out as eight floating hotel rooms. In these rooms, which are accessible via the garden, you can fall asleep to the constantly soft and pleasant lapping of the water

  • € 155,-
Lantern room

The Lantern Room

This special room on the top floor of the water tower offers access to the glass lantern on the top, by way of a spiral staircase. The view offers a broad panorama across Dordrecht. In clear weather, you can even see the Euromast in Rotterdam! From here, you can appreciate Dordrecht’s unique location, at the intersection of three rivers: the Noord, the Merwede and the Oude Maas. This is a place with spectacular light, magnificent skies and often an unforgettable sunset.

  • €210
Il Giardino Segreto

Il Giardino Segreto

A room in a secret garden

Your own room in a walled garden, on the edge of the orchard. Inspired by the great Italian country houses, where the owners gave regular parties and, tired of the continual noise and the guests in the garden, felt the need for privacy and had a giardino segreto laid out, a secret garden where they could be alone for a while. So step into your own walled garden, where peace and quiet reign. And of course, we can’t tell you any more of its secrets....

  • €190


Dogs are not allowed in the hotel. They are welcome in the market, the restaurant and on the restaurant terrace.


Smoking is allowed only on the terraces around the hotel and restaurant.

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In 2010, Villa Augustus was chosen by the Taschen publishing house as one of the 72 most beautiful places in the world to spend the night. The results were published in ‘Taschen’s Favourite Hotels’ (sold out!).