Villa Augustus items and special publications

Our Markt (Market) is really a feast for the eyes. From special books, art, lookies and flowers from the garden to lucky bunnies, snail lamps, 1,001 postcards and countless other weird and wonderful things that are typical of Villa Augustus, you will find them all here. And there is a wide range of Villa Augustus items illustrated by Dorine de Vos, including crockery, knives, postcards, door-hangers, serviettes, cotton bags and many more articles bearing the hare logo.

And sometimes, Villa Augustus publishes something itself. A book or a film. Or a diary, a fruit calendar or a cycling tour. Because there is so much to tell and so much to show you. These and other special publications are also available in our market (if they are not sold out, of course). Like children’s books and cookbooks illustrated by our own Dorine de Vos. Or Dorine’s Dutch version of the pop-up book by Nathalie Lété. Or the fantastic film Portret van een Tuin (Portrait of a Garden, with English subtitles!). But of course it is much nicer to come and take a look in the market for yourself!

If you can’t come yourself and you would like us to send you one of our items by post, contact the reception to ask about the options.